Announcing the ACI Phoenix "Gift of Liberation" Retreat!

March 20 - 29, 2015

Once again, DMRC will host the ACI Phoenix 10-day group retreat this spring.  Geshe Michael Roach continues his teachings based on an ancient text by Pabongka Rinpoche, "The Gift of Liberation Thrust in Your Hand." 

Join us for 10 days of teachings, yoga, and community in DMRC's beautiful high mountain desert. 

For more information and to register online, please go to the ACI Phoenix website

Early Bird Registration special ends 26 Jan 2015!

Annual Update on Worldview

Global community service and compassion are at the heart of any Worldview organization--Diamond Cutter Institute, Asian Classics Institute, Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, Casa Jardin, the Inside-Out Prison Project, the Sedona College of International Management, the Scriptorium, Yoga Studies Institute, and many others.

Hospice work, online courses based on ancient wisdom, wellness programs, preservation of ancient texts, translation, and publishing are just some of the ongoing activities. 

Read Geshe Michael Roach's message describing the various accomplishments of the Worldview organizations in 2014.

"See the Magic" Retreat a Great Success!

The "See the Magic" Lam Rim Retreat a big success at Diamond Mountain!  Sponsored by ACI Phoenix and lead by Geshe Michael, Diamond Mountain Retreat Center hosted its first group retreat in October.  Retreaters from around the world created a close and harmonious community. Activities included teachings by Geshe-hla and senior students, meditation, yoga, and music.  Here are some scenes of the event...   

Enjoy a slideshow of the event here...


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