"See the Magic" Retreat a Great Success!

The "See the Magic" Lam Rim Retreat a big success at Diamond Mountain!  Sponsored by ACI Phoenix and lead by Geshe Michael, Diamond Mountain Retreat Center hosted its first group retreat in October.  Retreaters from around the world created a close and harmonious community. Activities included teachings by Geshe-hla and senior students, meditation, yoga, and music.  Here are some scenes of the event...   

Enjoy a slideshow of the event here...

Join the New Tsun Che Work-Study Program

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center has a new mission - changing the culture of our world.  We want to create a shift in our global culture, so that doing retreat becomes the familiar and accepted thing to do. 

Join us in our new vision.  We have recreated an all-new Tsun Che Work-Study Program, bringing a new culture of volunteering to DMRC, of planting the seeds to always have a joyful heart while doing good things. Please come and volunteer at DMRC. 

Click here to find out more and apply to the Tsun Che Work-Study Program


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